Thursday, September 06, 2007


After my dad passed away, one of his friends said something to my mother, and this is still on my mind. He said "You know Aisha, Cassam was not a high achiever, but everything he did, he did it with honour" (that is the translation of my recollection of the 'Kreol Morisiyen' version).

I guess the reason why I still think about this is because there are moments in your life when your 'balance sheet' suddenly becomes clear. In the business world, this would be at the end of the financial year, when accounts are made public. In the life of presidents, it is at the end of their last term. In the life of most human beings, death is an occasion for others to reflect on your balance sheet.

And so it was with my Dad. He was not a 'high flyer', but all he did was with honour. I wondered if maybe we are also kinder to people who have passed away. Do we maybe not see their faults anymore... and if so, is that because we are sad they are gone ? I don't really know.

But I thought the idea that maybe it is more important to do something (anything) honourable, that it is be a 'high achiever'. Is there a parallel here with the idea of 'quality v/s qualtity' ?

Anyway, I would be interested in your comments/thoughts, etc ... if you are reading this :-)

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